For those who are interested, I’ve been updating the reviews section of LCSB over the past couple days. Product reviews will still start with a vignette to illustrate the potential use(s) of the product, and Joy and/or myself will contribute our thoughts based on our experiences using the product in real life field tests. Merchant reviews will skip the vignette, but will include our experiences with making purchases from the merchant.

However, the reality of the fact that there are an enormous number of bondage and BDSM-related products out there has become very clear, and two people (even when they include my indefatiguable wife, Joy), cannot possibly review even a significant portion of them. At least, not and keep any kind of integrity to the review process. So, to address this problem, I’ve changed the structure of our reviews section, so that there is a current, “best” product listed for a specific category of item. In other words, if Joy and I have tried six different ball gags, we’ll list the one we preferred above the others as the “best” in the ball gag category. Items that were not chosen as best will be listed as other options, so that you can see alternatives that we’ve tried and make your own decisions about what you might like.

When we label something as the “best” in a category, it means the best out of those that we’ve tried. As we try additional items in that category, the current “best” may be dethroned and replaced with a newcomer. In that case, the former “best” will be demoted to the other options list, and the new “best” will be highlighted. Note as well that “best” really means “best for Joy and Jake”. Your own favorite may be different than ours based on your personal fantasies and taste.

It’s our hope, though, that by looking over our reviews, those new to the BDSM world or those looking to expand the inventory in their toy chest can at least get some ideas for items that work and live up to their marketing spiel. There is plenty of merchandise out there that doesn’t, either because it doesn’t perform very well or because it’s cheaply made and malfunctions after only a few uses. Reading our product reviews ought to at least help you steer clear of items like these before you spend your hard-earned cash. And who knows…reading the reviews may be fun as well.

Revisions are ongoing–thanks for your patience as I finish everything up. And, as usual,

Enjoy Yourself!


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