Okay, so as promised, I watched the movie version of “The Story of O”. And I have to say that it’s better than the rancid book (here are my thoughts on that over-hyped waste of cellulose). Partly that’s probably just the guy in me speaking–after all, Corinne Clery (who plays O) is quite a babe, and there are plenty of other attractive women in the movie, and almost all of them remove some or all of their clothing at some point during the proceedings. But partly it’s also because the movie corrects some of the book’s failings–you actually feel at least a little connection with O in the movie, and lots of the overly-repetitive inner monlogue that dominates the book in page after page has been excised.

Oh, there are still a few too many repetitions of the same acts, and O is still a wooden character. Her boyfriend, Renee, seems way too passive to dominate anyone, let alone the apparently rather strong-willed O. And it’s soft core, so while there’s a lot of nudity and sexual situations, there aren’t any sex scenes in the true sense of the word. Still, all in all, the movie’s not a complete waste of time.

I wouldn’t go out and buy it (the mistake I made, thank you very much) or even seek it out from Netflix as a rental. But if it happened to be playing in the background when you were at a party (hmmm…what kind of party would that be?), or if you had a date with a new friend and they wanted to watch it together, I wouldn’t run screaming from the room.

Nonetheless, there has to be something better than this out there. Any suggestions, anyone?

Enjoy yourself!


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