Joy and I like to make our date nights special. For us, “date night” means that we’re going out to a nice restaurant to eat (either by ourselves or meeting friends) or going to see a performance of some sort. It’s the kind of occasion where we like to dress up a bit–put away the jeans and sneakers and pull out the slacks, you know? And like I said, when we get a chance to have a date night, we like to make it special.

To help with this we have a couple rules for date nights. First off, Joy must wear a skirt, preferably one with a hemline that’s no lower than her knee. Secondly, she’s not allowed to wear any panties. Well…that’s not quite true. Occasionally she’s been permitted to wear panties, provided that they were blatantly crotchless, and that she wears an appropriate bra or corset to match. Considering that Joy is also required to keep her lower lips neatly shaved, the view under that skirt is quite dramatic!

There’s something magic about having a secret like this when you’re out in public. Joy knows that she’s exposed beneath her skirt, and I know that she’s exposed beneath her skirt. But nobody else knows…unless, of course, there’s a sudden gust of wind. The whole idea excites Joy, and it excites me as well. However, that’s just the standard rules part of date night. We usually go a step or two farther.

Those of you who have read her post on anal sex know that Joy enjoys having a penis in her rear end. Awhile back I purchased a dildo-keeper for her. Basically, this is a belt and harness that draws tight around her hips and legs and will keep an anal plug in place. Because of the way the harness is arranged, it leaves her vagina bare and unobstructed, which sometimes comes in handy if the restaurant has a long tablecloth. If an appropriate skirt is worn, then the belt is invisible beneath it, and no one can tell that Joy’s ass is contentedly full. So on some date nights, Joy is required to wear this out underneath that short skirt. This makes for an extra layer of excitement, and pretty much guarantees a fun evening for both of us.

We also have a sort of chastity belt that goes around her waist and up between her legs and comes complete with both a front and rear dildo. Like the dildo keeper, this belt can be adequately hidden by a skirt, and Joy can therefore be completely full for the evening with no one the wiser. And occasionally, wearing this out on a date is a requirement. Of course, there are downsides–it’s difficult when she has to use the restroom, for instance, but it’s also lots of fun for both of us.

So the next time you’re out on the town and you see a woman in a skirt, ask yourself, “I wonder what she’s wearing under that?” The answer might surprise you. And in the meantime, I’ve suddenly got the urge to make us some dinner reservations for the coming weekend…

Enjoy yourself!


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