Suppose you have got nothing but a close friend, some wrist and ankle cuffs and a couple snap hooks. You have no ropes, chains, furniture or other fancy connection points. What if you want to bind that friend and take them to bed? Can such a simple setup be much fun?

Well, truth be told, the fun really lies in your “close friend” far more than it does in any equipment that you may or may not have available. However, the point to my painting the picture above is to share some fun, but simple, bondage positions that call for nothing more than cuffs and snap hooks. There are others, but each of these is tried and true, and each of them can be fun for both you and your friend in their own way.

  1. The most basic position of all is to simply fasten your friend’s hands together behind their back, just the way you see the police do it on television. This position rates low on the severity scale, but it can be effective, especially if you want your friend to be able to move (across the room or over to the bed, for instance). It is a good position to use for entering your friend from behind or allowing them to ride you from the top, and notably good for oral sex as well. It’s not so good when you want them to lie on their back, as it can be uncomfortable for them.
  2. Using the snap hook to connect each of your friend’s wrists to their corresponding ankle (i.e. left to left and right to right) results in another useful position. If you position them on their back, it will naturally draw your friend’s legs apart, providing you with a wonderful view and lots of easy access. This is an excellent position for missionary-style sex, and it creates some dominant/submissive vibes also as the bound friend feels that they cannot close their legs. If you position your friend on her/his side, then spooning with rear-entry becomes possible.
    If you make the wrist-ankle connection so that your friend’s arms are on the inside of their ankles, and then turn them over so they are on their knees with their head down, the position becomes somewhat more severe. However, it makes your bound friend highly-available for rear entry. If they like it from behind and/or are into anal sex, this is very erotic! Be careful, though, as being bound like this can become uncomfortable after awhile. Joy finds this particular position very exciting, but after a few minutes, she needs to take a break.
  3. A third option comes if you lay your friend on their back and bring their knees up to their chest, then bring their wrists together behind their knees and connect them with the snap hook. Leaving them on their back will place them in a moderately severe, but comfortable, position that is excellent for either traditional or anal entry. The dominant/submissive vibes are relatively strong with this one, as the bound friend will feel powerless to prevent you from taking them. Turning them onto their side lessens the severity somewhat, but makes spooning and rear-entry possible.
  4. The last position I’m going to talk about is the hog-tie. This is created by turning your friend onto their stomach, gathering all wrists and ankles together above their back and connecting them (so, in theory, you could do this with just a single snap hook). However, the severity of this is high and a hog-tie can quickly become uncomfortable. More than that, I’ve never found this to be a very effective position for sex. There are some oral options, but even those aren’t very good as your friend can’t lay comfortable on her/his back. My opinion is that hog-ties fall into the category of “good in theory, but not so hot in practice”. I guess if you just get off on the bondage itself and don’t care about the sex, this might be okay, but personally, I kinda like the sex part.

    Enjoy yourself,


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